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Welcome to the Elstock website

Welcome to the Elstock website

We are pleased to welcome you to the ELSTOCK website. Besides the new look and navigation, this website is a dedicated 'public' website. The ELSTOCK webshop has been split from the website and is now a seperate website under the domain: www.elstock.dk

Since 1979, ELSTOCK has focused on remanufacturing of automotive products. Today ELSTOCK is a recognised market leading automotive brand, well known in the automotive aftermarket throughout Europe. As part of BORG Automotive, one of the largest remanufacturing groups in Europe, ELSTOCK is based in Silkeborg, Denmark, from where ELSTOCK serves the automotive aftermarket through a network of distributors and wholesalers across Europe. 

Remanufacturing has great environmental advantages

By remanufacturing the energy consumption is reduced by 80% compared to the production of a new part. Further more CO2 emission is greatly reduced. ELSTOCK products alone represents a saving of 6000 tons of CO2!. To learn more on the environmental advantages click here